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Introducing the Forkrane, the revolutionary portable crane which provides exact precision placement when moving heavy loads. Designed for use with a forklift, it provides the lifting and precision placement which is only currently available from costly overhead cranes or bridge cranes. Since the Forkrane can be used for numerous applications, it can be used across manufacturing, factory, commercial, business and trade industries where precision placement is required. The Forkrane system can also be customized, supporting those applications which have certain unique requirements adding to its versatilty.

Forkrane MT3000

The first mounted precision placement mobile crane with true X, Y, and Z motion control. It merges the technology and flexibility of an overhead crane with a fork lift, creating a cost effective and unlimited potential use of a crane without the high cost.

Why Forkrane?

True X, Y, Z Motion and 360 Degree Rotation just like an overhead crane. Precision placement every time.

Now standard with a wireless controller, the operator handles both directional movement and placement with ease.

Speed, travel and capacity designed to your specifications.

Designed for all day use with its on board charger compatable with any standard 110 volt outlet.

Safely attaches to your forklift in seconds. Easily removed and stored.

Save Time/Money


The Forkrane will quickly pay for itself, saving your comapny time and money. Check out the chart and graph located ...